How do I get started working with PrydeGear?

Process begins with an account request. The link below will take you directly to the page you need to be at to begin.

How does the process work?

Our process begins online with an account request. It is basic information we can put into our system to be able to proof and allow you to order. On our website, in the top right hand corner, where it says ACCOUNT, you can hover over that and “Request An Account”. That comes straight to the HelpDesk and we will respond back confirming receipt of the account request and we will begin from there.

Where is PrydeGear located?

Sales, customer service and design are based out of Charleston, SC. We make and manufacture from a few different facilities, ranging from Ohio, Alabama, and North Carolina. All of our products are made and manufactured in the USA.

What is the turn time for shipment of your products?

On average, 4 weeks from the time an order is placed and paid for.

What if I need an order fast?

We do not typically accept RUSH orders. There are several moving parts within our production process, and are not keen on compromising quality for time restraint. We can tag orders for priority, however, no guarantees on delivery within our given turn time.

Can you make a College/NFL version of your products?

No. We are not licenced to make any college or professional teams. We must have written permission to print logos and team names.

How can we pay for our order?

Payments can be made by credit cards, signed school PO, or check.

Do you accept PO’s?

Yes. You can send a signed copy of the school purchase order to the HelpDesk and we can assign that to your invoice.

Multiple checks from parents?

We can not accept an order to be paid with multiple personal checks. Best bet is to have one lump sum in the form of a check or money order.

What is the fastest method?

You are able to pay your invoice online. Credit cards or checks can be entered directly into the invoice for payment. Once the monies have been processed, we can send your order to the production team.

Do I have to pay in full before receiving my order?

Yes. We understand your hesitation, especially with large orders at high cost. We make everything on demand, so without payment or promise of payment (PO) up front, we won’t be able to make anything for you. We are happy to provide client references to you if that would help ease some of your uncertainty.

What if we want to set up a team store for parents to order?

At this time we do not have an online store option for parents/players/schools to order. We are busy working on options to make online stores available to our customers. Today, the best option is to have a single person consolidate an order and send the order form to the HelpDesk.

How can I get pricing?

Our pricing sheet can be sent upon request. Send an email to the HelpDesk and we are happy to send over our pricing breakdown.

What type of (hoodies/compression/shorts/etc) are these printed on?

PrydeGear. We have created our own product patterns and create each garment from white fabric once it is ordered. We can send you an in-house sales sample if you would like to get a better feel for a specific product.

What are the care instructions for your products?

We recommend washing our products in cold water and hanging to dry. Our products do not fade or bleed. The only way you can cause blemish to the designs is if they are ripped or torn, or happen to get heated in a commercial dryer or somewhere that may get over 400 degrees.

How do I know what size to order?

We have sizing charts available to get an idea of what size you should be ordering. Our products run pretty true to size; products are sized closest to NIKE. Hoodies are intended to be layered, and can run a little big on some. ANY product with compression leaves room to order a size larger. The garment will still fit if you order larger, but the garment will hold color better if it is not stretched to its limit to fit.

Will these shrink?

NO, they should not shrink in your possession.  Our products are heated to 400+ degrees when they are made.  Any ‘shrinking’ that happens, will happen in the production process.

My school has a special color – can you match it?

We understand that color is critical, that is why we’ve created a color chart that you can find online. If you would like a physical chart to be sent to you, we can send a color swatch for you to compare our colors to yours. What you see on the swatch is what we are able to print.

What is your return policy?

Every order is custom made to our customer’s design/proof request. No refunds are not typically issued; we will gladly correct our mistakes. Spelling errors and wrong sizing orders that have been sent to us will have to be re-ordered. Orders are sent through a quality inspection before being sent out. Should a flawed or damaged product make it out the door and into your hands, let us know so that we can get you a corrected garment.

We found a hole in our clothes- what do we do?

Can you send us photos?  Depending on the hole cause/placement, we will either have you send your product back to be mended, or we may re-order a new item and have you return the damaged piece once it returns.

What if my clothes don’t fit? I want a new size.

If we made the wrong size, we will have you send the wrong one back and make a new one free of charge. If you need a new size that was not ordered, we will need to place an additional order for a new garment.

Can I order additional products in the future?

Contact the HelpDesk with order details, and we will gladly look into creating additional products for you.